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Tumbled stone tiles are produced by lightly honing the cut stone to remove machine or milling marks that may be present. Any chips or pits are left unfilled and will add to the character of the finished piece.

The tiles are transferred to a tumbling machine which is filled with ceramic pieces.They are then turned and agitated which erodes the edges and distresses the surface of the stone.

Depending upon the stone, sometimes larger format stones are tumbled at double thickness and split (
or cut in half) to produce two tiles of around 1.8cm to 2cm thick.
tumbled stone
caption in ere
alexandria pearl
aqaba rose
cathedral antique
cathedral antique honey
cathedral classic
desert mist cream
desert mist
filletto beige
fossil grey
imperial gold
ivory cream
ivory rose
jerusalem gold
jerusalem gold light
jerusalem grey gold
khatmiya light
sinai cream
sinai grey
cathedral antique
Cathedral Antique
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