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Cathedral Antique
Cathedral Antique has a warm grey ground with subtly lighter and darker areas which give a smokey appearance. There is also a regular covering of small fossils, speckling and occasional iron deposits which add warmth.

Size: Available in Opus Romano, random length and sizes from 20 x 20 to 60 x 90cm as standard.
Colour variation: Minimal.
Usage: Internal and external.
Price: Usually from £40.99m2. See home page or call for
details of promotional prices

tumbled stone
alexandria pearl
aqaba rose
cathedral antique
cathedral antique honey
cathedral classic
desert mist cream
desert mist
filletto beige
fossil grey
imperial gold
ivory cream
ivory rose
jerusalem gold
jerusalem gold light
jerusalem grey gold
khatmiya light
sinai cream
sinai grey
cathedral antique tumbled
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