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Papaya Pearl
Papaya Pearl is around 25 million years old and the result of Ivory Cream being crosscut, or cut at a right angle. With its pinkish, almost parallel veins and 'rice grain' fossilisation, it is an attractive stone particularly well suited for wall cladding.

Size: Available in Opus Romano, random length and sizes from 20 x 20 to 60 x 90cm as standard.
Colour variation: Minimal.
Usage: Internal and external.
Price: From £41.99m2.

polished stone
alexandria pearl
aqaba rose
desert mist
light emperador
fossil grey
desert gold
ivory cream
ivory rose
jerusalem gold light
jerusalem gold
jerusalem ivory
khatmiya light
sinai beige
super cream
sinai grey
arabica pearl honey
jerusalem grey gold
arabica pearl
papaya pearl
filletto beige
papaya pearl polished
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